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Some Changes for Grotesque Guardians

Listening to Runescape players' feedback regarding the Grotesque Guardians,  Runescape have made some changes for it this week:


Here are the following details:

Dawn in the Phase 3 of the clickzones on the Energy Spheres used on the click area has been improved.

When the size of the treatment field increases, the player will not interrupt the attempt to absorb.

The shadows will now appear on the tiles where the rock is scheduled to land during the second and fourth stages.

Kill the grotesque guard more than 5 times when the players, when they right click, there will be a skip the function of the ringtones.


Other changes and fixes:

When you log in again, if you have just logged out, the excellent killer thug can still be used now.

Players can now buy throwable rock hammers, crush stone ghosts from afar. Slayer Master's automatic smashing ability will affect these.

Marble Gargoyle has a new paint.

Granite artillery shells will now drop in conventional artillery shells when PvP died.

Granite hammer special attack animation has been adjusted to be more in line with the aesthetic of the item.

Free players may no longer purchase minecart tickets.

The price of the gun shop has been adjusted according to other general stores.

If the attacker protects the magic from being effective, rather than checking the target of prayer, the earth's rage of the bolt is being stopped.

The special effect of the crossbow bolts is to check the goal is to wield a basic water crew, but not recognize the other equivalent water level.

The armor case in the house owned by the player now puts the Void package in the same part of the menu instead of expanding them.

Halloween activities will remain in the game until next week's game updates.


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Publish Time:Friday, November 3, 2017

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