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Some Dragonfire Changes

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Players are now required to have started Dragon Slayer in order to use any form of Anti-fire protection.

This Including:

1.The Anti-Dragon shield
2.The charged and uncharged versions of the Dragonfire shield
3.Dragonfire ward and the Ancient wyvern shield
4.All forms of dragonfire potion including barbarian variants (for all of you barbarian potion fans out there).

Moreover,Players who are currently assigned a Dragon Slayer task (that's a Slayer task of Dragons, not the Dragon Slayer quest) can visit Turael. Turael will remove the task, without affecting any streak, for those players already assigned this task.

Any player who has purchased a Dragon Slayer task block, or unlock will have their points refunded if they are no longer eligible to complete the dragon task.

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Publish Time:Friday, July 6, 2018

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