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Some Polled change informations

Today,We will see the Polled change details,You can read th following informations carefully,Hope can do some help for you.

1.Travelling via Spirit Trees

Travel's current option replaces the Talk-to option on the Spirit tree. This change only applies to players who have completed the Tree Gnome Village mission. Please note that accessing the Spirit tree in Gnome Stronghold requires access to The Grand Tree as usual.

2.Pet Rocks

Askeladden now has a right-click option which allows you to claim multiple Pet rocks before completion of The Fremennik Trials.

3.Grotesque Guardians

Both Dusk and Dawn have had their health reduced from 600 to 450. Additionally, you can now purchase the Unlock Double Trouble: Slaying Dusk and Dawn now counts for two kills towards your task rather than one.

4.Cactus Spine Yield

Players who harvest cactus thorns will now find that the harvest works in a similar way to herbs, where the level of agriculture reduces the chance of one of the life of the patch. At level 55, the probability of using one of these lives is 75%, and 99 is 30%. You will always get at least three spines.

5.The Dramen Staff

The Dramen staff now has a unique model to differentiate it from the regular Battlestaff.

6.Catacombs of Kourend

The option to Investigate the statue leading to the Catacombs of Kourend now replaces Read as the left-click option. This is to allow for easier access.

7.Werewolf Agility Buff

The Werewolf Agility Course in Canifis now rewards players with twice the number of XP when handing in the stick. This sees the increase in Agility XP rise from 190 to 380.

8.Picking Zygomites

Both Zygomites and Ancient zygomites have had their Pick delay reduced.

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Publish Time:Friday, July 13, 2018

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