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Some Slayer Helm Informations and buy RS Gold cheap

This week the old school team have done tweaked to the color of the Slayer helm,So the standard and imbued versions are visually distinct.

Consider taking on the Nightmare Zone and gain enough points to upgrade yours to the imbued (i) version allowing it's bonuses to apply to your ranged and magic attacks too.

When wearing the Slayer helmet at 10 Defence on a slayer task, you will gain a melee boost of 16.67% against slayer tasks. And when it is upgraded to a Slayer helmet (i) with 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone reward points, there will be a 15 damage boost to Magic and Ranged added. Besides, the imbued (i) version also has a +10 magic defence bonus, a +3 magic attack bonus and a +3 ranged attack bonus.

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Publish Time:Friday, September 14, 2018

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