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Some informations about gain RS mulled wine

With the return of Christmas cracker RuneScape,The RS mulled wine is available again,Here are some details about it,read now.

The use RuneScape mulled wine

The mulled wine can be used for life points, which heals 250 life points when drunk.

You can also give the wine to Sir Amik Varze, who is drunkenly stumbling around the Lumbridge crater. He wants players to share a drink with him, and he will take the mulled wine from your inventory when it is used on him.

Gain RS mulled wine

During the 2018 Christmas event, the Christmas cracker paper can be earned while skilling and killing, and a Christmas cracker crate is awarded after you add at least 100 cracker paper and pull the giant Christmas cracker. You have the chance to get RuneScape mulled wine and other rewards by opening the Christmas cracker crate.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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