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Some new fire released in Make Friends with My Arm

Today,We will introduce some new fire released in Make Friends with My Arm for you, Focus on it.

If you complete the quest Making Friends with My Arm ,the trolls will build you another disease-free herb patch, as well as teaching you advanced Firemaking techniques invented by the Weiss trolls, letting you create permanent fires in designated fire pit sites across RuneScape.

Introduce of the new Fire

1.Fire of Eternal Light

A white flame acting as an inextinguishable light source; requiring Construction level 35 to build and light up a fire pit with this fire; 3 locations to light the fire: Giant Mole's lair, Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Mos Le'Harmless Caves.

2.Fire of Nourishment

Unlocks a new disease-free herb patch,one location to light the fire: Weiss.

3.Fire of Unseasonal Warmth

An orange flame preventing you from experiencing the cold weather effects; requiring Construction level 60; one location to light the fire: God Wars Dungeon entrance.

4.Fire of Dehumidification

A yellow flame,Prevents swamp damage and ghast attacks in the main areas of Mort Myre. Also requires level 50  Construction.location to light the fire: Mort Myre Swamp.

Glowing Basalt teleport tablets can teleport you back to Weiss, and also to the Troll Stronghold for easier access to My Arm's original herb patches.

These fires will require different salts in order to be created. The salts can be mined from the mine underneath Weiss that can be accessed after completing the quest. Level 72 Mining is required to mine the salts with a higher mining level providing more salt on a successful action.

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Publish Time:Monday, September 10, 2018

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