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The First Runescape Update in Mar: Deep Sea Fishing

As the first update in March, you will be able to enjoy RuneScape deep sea fishing in just a few hours. Then there are many surprises waiting for you.


New Fishing Hub

After talking to Goomah with the Fishing Association in the north of Ardougne, you have direct access to the new fishing center. On the floating and off-shore pavements, you can train and talk with other players of every level. Keep in mind that the minimum fishing level for participating in a fishing association is about 68, which is the same level required to enter a fishing association.


New Fishes Added

The new network can capture a variety of fish, such as:

Magnetic Minnows (level 68); jellyfish does not reduce adrenaline (levels 68 and 91); swordfish (level 97). This is our best fish to heal; simply boil it into swordfish soup and you can pinch the wound in combat.


New Mechanism

You have the opportunity to get the highest fishing profit by hands-on approach at level 94. More importantly, the continued use of activity points will be "winning streak" rewards, up to a bonus of 20% bonus, up to 200 consecutive wins. However, do not forget that if you deactivate for too long, you lose your streak.


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Publish Time:Monday, March 5, 2018

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