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The Lost Grove - Runescape

Hi! Runescape fans! Now Runescape give the news ot The Lost Grove .

Heard many stories of The Lost Grove ?? this is Gielinor because it is the oldest and most precious secret one. Or until now. Sit tight, killer, because as this update comes, a whole bunch of new creatures are coming in to absorb your blades.

Fantastic beasts...

Let us begin with the small lost forest that has long been the home of the wisdom and fairy of the great tree, and it is proud of its center. These include Teelee: a sacred mission to appease the tree spirit. By helping her get into our new weekly distractions and transfers, grove's Wisps, you'll get rich rewards for Hunter and Farming XP. You'll also have a chance to get a rare new pet, Vinny!

Time has come to soar. These three people may not look like something in the evening, but don't be fooled - they packed a nasty fist!

● At level 104, we have Vinecrawlers. Of the three, these give you the most GP per hour.

● Next up at level 106: Bulbous crawlers. Sitting in the middle, these are equally weighted between XP and GP gain.

● Finally, Moss Golems stand at level 108, granting the best XP per hour of the trio.

For the reward, the lost Grove is a treasure trove of real secrets, trophies and heritage. Keep your eyes especially for the new T85 mixed matchhead gloves: a pair of deadly gloves that passively poison any enemies you fight. Combine your existing weapons, you have a fatal P +++ poison panini.

And where to slay them

The task of killing three of the killing creatures can get from Morvran to a killer of more than 104. You can enter The Lost Grove  on the south side of the toxic waste by investigating the ruins on the peninsula. Why are you still reading?

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Publish Time:Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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