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The Mighty Fall Informations

Today, We will share some Mighty Fall runescape Informations for you,Hope can assist you a lot.

The Mighty Fall is a master quest featuring the aftermath of Bandos' death. It features a tournament on Yu'biusk between Bandos' followers to decide who will become the new leader of the Bandosian faction, and as such involves a lot of combat. It also features decisions that let the player choose who dies and who becomes the leader of the faction.

A number of well known Bandosian characters make an appearance in the quest, including Zarador, General Graardor, General Wartface, General Bentnoze, Zanik, Dad, Bork and Morningstar's brother Lol. Yelps also makes an appearance and, due to the result of a Power to the Players poll, has the option to be killed.

So you must prepare the light source first, and had better have combat equipment, potions and food; Goblin village spheres or mind altar tablets or a Bandosian token; Dorgesh-Kaan spheres, Wicked hood for a teleport to the water altar and quick access to Lumbridge Swamp.

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