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The Return of Galvek with New Changes of Permanent Iron Man

The Galvek will bring back this week with amount of QoL and bug fixes. With the same time, the Permanent Iron Man will have some new changes with this updates. Let's look the details below, and don't forget to buy RS gold from


Refight Galvek or Rewatch Cutscenes

Firstly,inside the Myths' Guild, you will find the Pool of Dreams at the left of the entrance.

Interacting with Dream Pool will give you two new options as shown below.


What would you like to do?

Refight Galvek

Rewatch Cutscenes


If you choosing the "Refight Galvek" option, you will go straight into combat. Any death in this version of the battle is considered safe. If you fail, you will be returned to mythology guild free and safe, and all your things are in your inventory. You can interact with the Dream List next to Dreams to track your Galvek killings and best times.

Choosing "Rewatch Cutscenes" produces the following cinematic list for easy viewing at any time!

Rewatch Cutscenes


New Changes of Permanent Iron Man

In this update, here have some changes for Iron Man.

We find that many new players choose to permanently make their Iron Man state and request removal. Permanent options are still welcome by players who work hard for the Iron Man, and want to make sure they will not be downgraded, but we no longer offer this option to create new accounts. As a result, new players will not be able to choose Iron Man's permanent state on the tutorial island.


After reaching 1,000 total skill levels, you can set up permanent Iron Man status by talking to Lumbridge's Steel Hospice.

The existing Permanent Iron Man is not affected by this change.

The current phase-out of permanent Iron Man still applies to those who wish to remove it, even after reaching a total skill level of 1000.


Tome of Fire Exchange Rate, Heraldic Adamant & Bracelet of Ethereum

Now talk to Ignisia in the Wintertodt camp and trade on a 100-bladed stove.

Just as you can already with steel and runes, you can now paint the heraldic color onto Adamant Shield and Full Helmet!

Added a toggle switch on Bracelet of Ethereum to absorb the ether that died when it died.


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Publish Time:Friday, January 12, 2018

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