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Tips of OSRS Easter Event 2018

Since March 29, Easter Event have begun to come to Old School RuneScape. To complete this event for rewards, see the OSRS Easter Event 2018 guide below.


What items do you need to collect during the Easter Event 2018?

Burnt Meat

Using cooking tips produces burnt meat by failing to cook raw meat. You can also intentionally make burnt meat by cooking a piece of cooked meat.

Draynor Manor Cabbage

Picked Cabbage in Draynor Manor. Please note that normal cabbage cannot be used.

OSRS Garlic


How to complete the Easter Event 2018?

1. The starting point of this event is at the southern entrance of Falador in front of the Air altar. You need to speak with the Easter bunny first.

2. You can find the assistant of Chocco – Milkee in the maze, go through the north rabbit hole once and then run to the end of that corridor.

3. When Milkee gives you a quiz, recommend a lower level to choose either Saradomin or Guthix. The final battle level will vary depending on your choice. If you choose Zamorak Idol, you will have to beat the chicken with a melee.


What are the rewards for the Easter Event 2018?

After completing this Event, you will receive the Eggshell platebody, Eggshell platelegs, and Two noted easter eggs.

Killing huge Colossal Chocco Chicken after the incident will also give you extra Easter eggs, as well as peaceful handeggs, holy handeggs and chaotic handeggs, which can be thrown to others like a pygmy gnomeballs.


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Publish Time:Friday, March 30, 2018

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