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Trollweiss mountain Informations

Today,We will share some Trollweiss mountain Informations for you,Read carefully now.

Basic informations about Trollweiss mountain

Trollweiss Mountain is the huge snowy mountain in the Troll Country,Also Trollweiss Mountain is one of the largest mountains in RuneScape. It is covered year-round in a thick layer of ice and snow, and powerful winds constantly sweep across it. Because of its harsh environment, little can survive on it apart from ice wolves, large evergreen trees, and the endangered Trollweiss flower.

There are no settlements on Trollweiss Mountain, although trolls are known to visit it from time to time. Interestingly, the only settlement in the area is beneath the mountain itself. Directly underneath the mountain lies the underground dwarven metropolis of Keldagrim, which was founded thousands of years ago during the God Wars. Without the Trollweiss Mountain to shelter the dwarves, it is very possible that the dwarves would have been driven to extinction.

How to Getting there

1.Go to Trollheim (teleport there using the Trollheim Teleport or walk there via Burthorpe or the Fremennik Province).

2.Go up the north-western path north of Trollheim (use Protect from Missiles if the Thrower trolls target you).

3.Do not go through the ice gate! When you reach the gate, instead go west. You will climb up to a tunnel entrance. While outside, the cold will affect your stats and run energy.

4.Enter the tunnel and go to the other end. Beware of Ice trolls (Protect from Melee is effective here).

5.Exit the tunnel, and you're on top of Trollweiss Mountain.

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