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Up to 10% Bonus XP in Runescape

If you log in Runescape today, you will found a 1.1 x XP boost, and you can get 10% bonus XP in the game. But they all want don't know what happened. RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend or New Year's celebration? What do you think?


10% Runescape Bonus XP in game

Many players see a 1.1 x XP boost that suddenly appears on the screen today. And there is no official statement by Runescape. Players do not know what it is about either. Some people speculate that this is an error Runescape team may have forgotten to delete the code from last year. The others think this is of gift to celebrate New Year.


But finally, there is a notice in the reset chat box saying "Bonus XP is now active! Earning 10% more experience to celebrate the New Year!" It is said that this project is just like RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend, at least it is based on the different players stacked piled altar.


When will the RuneScape Bonus XP ended?

All players are eager to know how long Bonus XP will last. One player thinks this is a one-day event that will end at midnight on December 27. However, others think this event will last until the new year. More importantly, this bonus will increase 0.1X per day.


Anyway, log in Runescape tomorrow will get the answer.  But now it is a big surprise for you, right?  Buy RS gold here for more free. and log in your account to enjoy 10% Bonus XP.

Publish Time:Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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