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Waiting the Released of the OSRS Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta

As early as October 2016, Runescape released Obor, a giant Hill Giant boss who was brought into life through community advice. The latest OSRS press conference revealed the information of the boss of Moss Giant: Before the investigation, Bryophyta OSRS will be released in the game later this week. Now learn more information about this Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta.


The Information of the Moss Giant Boss

The Bryophyta OSRS is an ancient and mysterious Giant Boss, located east of Vannaka and within the Varrock sewer near the deadly red spider. Its nest is located on the north side of the sewer giant Moss Giants, which can be accessed via the quick edge of the Edgeville or the Varrock Sewer.


Bring the OSRS Mossy Key to the Bryophyta’s Lair

To enter the lair of the Bryophyta OSRS, you must first obtain the moss key from the moss giant. Each key can only be used once.

After entering the lair, you will find yourself in an instance room where the battle begins. Unlike other Moss giants, she has many unique attacks and abilities that you must be careful with. So make sure you are ready to battle with Boss boss OSRS. But you need to notice that all unprotected items will LOST on death in the lair.


The Rewards for the Moss Giant Boss

In addition to having the opportunity to abandon the nature of the Bryophyte, the Bryophyte will also have a modified Moss Giant drop form. Players can combine the nature of the Bryophyte with the combatants to create a new one-person member, the staff of the Bryophyte. The nature of the Bryophytes and the staff of the Bryophytes are all tradable.


The staff of the Bryophytes had similar statistics with the ancient staff and added up to 1,000 natural runes. Once accused, the staff becomes untradable, and when the player is equipped, he acts like having 1000 natural runes. In addition, when any spell that uses a spell is cast while it is equipped, the staff also has a 1/15 chance of not using natural runes.


In order for staff to trade, it needs to be free. This process will destroy any natural runes stored inside.


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Publish Time:Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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