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Wilderness Rejuvenation II: Changes for Mage Arena 2 and Revenant Caves

This week Wilderness Rejuvenation II has more new changes, including the Mage Arena 2 and Revenant Caves. Here are the information about new changes.


Mage Arena 2 Changes

1. The water droplets in the Revenant Cave have been adjusted to better match the GP rate being investigated.

2. Master Arena 2 boss mechanism has changed slightly to make it feel more challenging.

3. With the new assets to create a Master Arena 2 boss graphics.

4. Twisted bow will no longer be reliable against the boss.

5 expanded the Mage Arena 2 story. Now closer to the typical legend.


New Boss: Guthix Ent & Saradomin Knight

Guthix Ent & Saradomin Knight


Revenant Caves Changes

Undead NPCs will remain the same, but they will create new assets for all unique descendants. Drop table changes here:

1. Increase the possibility of landing normal loot instead of coins.

2. Remove some valuable drops.

3. Increase the number of regular loot.

4. Adjust the normal trophy table a variety of weights.

5. All "artificial" 100x drops will be removed.

6. Added 16m, 8m and 4m Statuettes to the special loot table and changed the odds on the special loot table.


These changes mean that on average you should expect to get around 2m/h.


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Publish Time:Monday, January 29, 2018

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