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Rs4uk Pandora's Box For Menaphos & Inferno

       The Inferno is the greatest solo PvM challenge ever to be introduced into Old School RuneScape. Beyond sacrificing a Fire Cape, there are no requirements to attempt The Inferno.

      Great update! cant wait to have a go in the inferno now. one bit of constructive criticism I have is the fishing is a little underwhelming. the xp and gp are both much less than monks as well as more effort. the idea is good though and the design on the inferno is amazing!

+ A good and fun challenge.
+ Rewards are rewarding but not overpowered.
+ Highly stream-able content to help promote the game.
+ A good and fun challenge.
+ Decently balanced.

New armour was cool and so is the cape.want to enjoy the great update?rs4uk is ready to help you!

Rs4uk Pandora's Box For Menaphos & Inferno
Free  500M OSRS gold  &  10 OSRS Fire cape
Time: 2nd Jun --5th Jun, 2017

Publish Time:Friday, June 02, 2017

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