Changes for Upcoming RS Player Owned Farm with XP
September 16 2019

It has been confirmed that a new plan has been shaped for upcoming Runescape Player Owned Farm update. With the new plan released, you can see some changes about how to reduce XP and harvest XP better in game. 

Methods to reduce too much XP in RS Player Owned Farm
Depending on much feedback you have left, the developers have come up with a plan to decrease the amount of XP earned through the Player Owned Farm, which includes three steps:
Step 1: Decrease the harvest XP by 50%
Since reducing XP gain to 70% is failed, a new plan to reduce the XP gain to 50% of the overall value has been made, which also has a good rate of XP but at a more manageable level.

Step 2: Animal XP now depends on their health and happiness
Currently according to happiness and health, the animal XP is equal to a percentage of their average. As such, you need to keep your animals fed and healthy if you want to maintain their best XP rates.

Step 3: Harvest XP can be boosted by items and bonus XP now
While harvesting, you can use any XP boosting reward or device now that is not available for XP weekends. Thus, players going for efficiency can see an increase in the base XP to somewhere near the pre-nerf values.

How to feed animals for harvesting XP better?
On account of the proposed changes to how XP is harvested, how to feed animals is now be pretty important to achieve high happiness and health before the optimum harvesting time. Thus the team is dedicating to increasing the rate at which animals feed. They plan that each animal should eat 1 food every hour, which can improve an animal's health and happiness at twice the rate. Meanwhile, you can also leave your farms alone for a few days and check back in to top things up. In addition, the amount of food has been increased and you can add them by left click.

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The Rs4uk Team