Get New Rewards from Runescape Lockout Accounts Return on April
April 13 2021

We're pleased to find that the vast majority of players affected by the Login Lockout issue are now back in the game - and the remaining few can expect to be in very soon. All of them will receive 'The Returned' title and a bunch of other goodies to help make things right.

Let's take a face it - it has proved to be a challenging coming back RuneScape. This unprecedented occasion is something all of us can never forget. As a RuneScape Group, we have grown together as well as learned so much. Along the way, might be so supportive, in spite of what we can only imagine continues to be an agonizing wait to become reunited with your account. Because players begin to return to the overall game, we also want to make Apr a fantastic month to remember, which is how we'll get it done.


As we mentioned last week, if you were impacted we’ve already covered your Membership time by a month. On top of that, please enjoy another month on us as a thank you for bearing with us during this downtime - even if your Membership ran out after March 4th.

Impacted Premier Club Members will also be offered an exclusive discount (on top of these extra months of standard Membership) ensuring that if you choose to renew you get all the benefits next year at a price that takes time away into account.

The Returned Gift Pack

Throughout this whole process, the RuneScape Team has been blown away with the incredible patience and support that's been on show. We wanted to recognise how much that's meant to us, so we crafted a special care package as a token of our gratitude to everyone impacted.

 >Exclusive Cosmetic Gifts

   * Title: ‘The Returned’ (‘The Returned Ironman’ for Ironmen)

   * Cloak of Returning

   * Disc of Returning Weapon Override

   * Disc of Returning Inventory Object

   * ‘Returned from the Abyss’ Teleport Animation

>Returners Gift Pack
   * 10 Restoration Pods (custom made versions of 'Knowledge Bombs', worth 1 Hour of Double XP each)
   * 10 Advanced Pulse Cores
   * 10 Cinder Cores
   * 10 Large Protean Packs
   * 10 Medium Prismatic Lamps
   * 10 Yak Track Task Skips
   * 10 Portable Skillstation Packs
   * 10 D&D Monthly Reset Tokens (Members Only)
As development continues on these items, these rewards will be available for returning impacted players from April 6th.

Double Daily Keys

To boost those daily gains and return missed opportunities of logging in every day, every impacted player will also receive a free month of Double Daily Keys on us, too.

Making April Awesome

We need to be ready to welcome participants back to the game they adore, re-unite the community, and identify the loyalty of all RuneScape players - especially when you made it clear you want to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with those who have been impacted.

Beginning April 12th, we'll be adding weekly themed events to the game on top of our existing content plans, from an upgraded Combat Week including Double Reaper and Slayer points, to a D&D&D week including double vis-wax opportunities, and much more. We'll detail these in full soon. We're also extending Yak Track by two weeks, and Vic The Trader will make a repeat appearance later this April.

Final, but certainly not least, is usually something a little extra special jooxie is cooking up to thank most players, too. At the end of The spring, we're going to be granting a number of special wishes for everyone. I am just super stoked about The spring and we've got the rest of this year still to look toward.

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The Rs4uk Team