Get OSRS Larran's Key with Slayer tasks from Krystilia in Wilderness
June 25 2019

Slayer tasks from Krystilia will now have a chance at dropping Larran's Key. OSRS Larran’s key is a new Wilderness key. With the keys, you can unlock the Larran’s chests, which have the same items as the Brimstone chest except unique items.
Get Larran’s Key
According to the latest official news post, there is now a chance of dropping Larran’s Key OSRS from Slayer tasks given by Krystilia. The Larran’s Key can be used to open OSRS Larran’s chest (small and big size), which can be found in the Wilderness. These OSRS Wilderness keys are untradeable.

Similar to OSRS Brimstone key, the chance of obtaining a Larran’s Key depends on the level of the monster, which means there is more chance to get the key from higher-level monsters. If the key is not protected on death in a PvP scenario, it can be dropped to a PKer. Ironman PKer cannot obtain the keys from their opponent, so the key will be destroyed completely.

Larran’s Chest
The small chest can be found at north east of the Chaos Temple in level 18 Wilderness. Because of the location easy to get, so this chest will drop slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest.
The big chest can be found at the west of the Pirates hideout of middle floor in level 55 Wilderness. These chests will be dropped more than the Brimstone chest for the more dangerous location and lack of access.

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