Is Runescape 4 Finally Getting Released?
January 12 2022

Runescape has become a major part of life for many of us, I remember spending countless hours of life exploring the fantasy world of Geilinor with friends. Over the years, Runescape has gone through a lot of changes with most of them being good and well, some, not so much.

But one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that Runescape remains to be one of the BEST classic MMO titles of all time. From Halloween to Christmas, this game has given us everything to make us feel like we are living a special world of our own.

However, it’s been years since the release of this game and I think it’s about time we finally saw another entry rising to the Horizons. If you haven’t figured it already, I am talking about RuneScape 4. Yes! Jagex has been talking about it for a while but is it actually getting released? Let’s find out.

Another RuneScape Game on the Horizon

When Runescape was released, it quickly became a major MMO hit and it successfully amassed millions of players over the course of its life, which provided a somewhat smooth sail for the upcoming entry in the series, Runescape 2!

It was Released all the back in 2004 with some major upgrades from graphics, characters, lores, banking systems, and pretty much anything and everything. Runescape 2 had a very long run from 2004, all the way up to 2013 before Jagex decided it was time to gear up for another entry to the long-running MMO series.

In 2013, Jagex finally released Runescape 3, which was mostly a graphical overhaul of the same title, the characters remained the same, the world remained the same, even the economy system built on rs 2007 gold was the same. However, over the years, Runescape 3 has gone through a LOT of changes and it’s almost a decade old now.

The speculations for a new MMO title (possibly RS4) started to catch fire back in 2017 when a leaked image showed a checklist of Runescape projects that were either completed or yet to be completed, and it gave a lot of people the idea that RS4 was under development at the time.

However, the mods quickly cleared it up by saying it won’t be RS4 but another MMO title under the same Runescape brand. At the same time, Jagex was hiring employees to work on a next-gen MMO project, which was accidently leaked by a Jagex employee during a live stream event.

Now Jagex is known to keep the development process under wraps but there are some leaked videos showing some completely unique visual effects and animations with the same Runescape characters, which has made a lot of people think if the devs are working on VFX for the new RS4.

What makes these leaks so exciting is the fact that no Jagex employee has denied the fact that these aren’t for Runescape 4. However, they haven’t confirmed the development of Runescape 4 either. So all we have for now are leaks and rumours with no concrete evidence about a new Runescape title being in development.

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