Learn OSRS Swan Song Quest Guide 2020
May 22 2020

Swan Song is a quest about the adventuring life of the Wise Old Man. His help is requested in aiding the Piscatoris Fishing Colony get rid of a sea troll invasion. He views this quest as his "swan song", that is, his final adventure before retiring.

The Swan Song – a quest features you adventuring into the world of the Wise Old Man, who aids the Piscatoris Fishing Colony in defending a sea troll invasion. Are you willing to fight next to the Wise Old Man on his final adventure as he writes his Swan Song?

Quest Requirements:
The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Garden of Tranquility, Jungle Potion, Shilo Village, Druidic Ritual, Rune Mysteries and One Small Favour. You’ll also need 100 quest points, and the skill requirements are as follows: 66 Magic (boostable), 62 Cooking (boostable), 62 Fishing (boostable), 45 Smithing (boostable), 42 Fire making, 40 Crafting (boostable). You’ll also need to be able to defeat a level 170 Sea Troll Queen, who can use magic and melee, and has the ability to drain your prayer, as well as 11 sea trolls, with varying levels from 65 to 101.

The item requirements are as follows: 10 mist runes, 10 lava runes, 5 blood runes, a pickaxe, an axe, a tinderbox, a hammer, 5 iron bars, 2 soft clay, logs, 7 bones, a pot, a pot lid and a brown apron. We recommend you also bring along some Piscatoris teleports, an amulet of glory to get to Draynor Village, a Watchtower teleport, and some prayer potions.

To Start:
You’ll need to head to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony to start the quest. At the colony, simply head north-east and find Herman Caranos. Talk to him to initiate the quest. He’ll redirect you towards the Wise Old Man. Then, head to Draynor Village.

Step 1
Head to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, northwest of the Gnome Stronghold, and talk to Herman Caranos near the entrance to the colony. He will tell you that the fishing colony is being attacked by sea trolls and will ask you to go to the Wise Old Man, in Draynor Village, for help. A short cutscene will then occur, during which Herman will tell about the Wise Old Man's adventure in an attempt to convince you.

Note: The fastest way to Piscatoris Fishing Colony is use of the fairy ring, Code AKQ.

Make your way to Draynor Village and ask the Wise Old Man, at his house north of the bank, if he would like to go on a quest. He will agree to help the colony but he needs 5 Blood runes, 10 Lava runes, and 10 Mist runes first. Give him the runes and he will tell you to meet him at the the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Step 2
Items required: Combat gear, 5 Iron bars, 1 Log, Hammer (obtainable during the quest), and 1 Tinderbox Return to the to Piscatoris Fishing Colony and you will find the Wise Old Man waiting outside instead of Herman Caranos. Talk to him and enter the nearby hole. As soon as you have climbed out of the hole, 10 Sea trolls (level 79) will attack you. It is advised to turn on Protect from Melee. The Wise Old Man will help, however during the battle he will run out of runes and say "Blast - I'm out of runes". You can supply the Wise Old Man with more runes to keep aiding you in the battle, but this is just an option as you can easily kill all of the trolls by yourself.

Step 3
Once the battle is over, go through the colony gates and talk to Herman Caranos at his house, just northeast of the gates. The Wise Old Man will appear next to him. Herman will ask you to help out Franklin Caranos and Arnold Lydspor while he and the Wise Old Man plan the defenses for the colony.

Step 4
Franklin needs 5 Sheets of iron made with 5 Iron bars. The firebox and metal press are directly north of where Franklin is, in the building with the Furnace icon on the minimap. Place 1 log into the firebox at the back of the metal press and then use a Tinderbox on the Firebox to light it. After that, use each Iron bar on the metal press to make the 5 Iron sheets.

Step 5
Now go repair the broken wall on the northwest side of the island. If you need a hammer, talk to Franklin and he will give you his.

Note: There is an axe and a pickaxe on the ground near him that you can use to cut the dead trees outside if you need wood for the fire or if you need to mine some iron outside to make your iron bars.

Step 6
Once that's finished speak to Franklin again, then go talk to Arnold in the building with the bank icon on the minimap. He needs 5 fresh Monkfish for his store, and will give you a small fishing net to get them for him. Go northwest to the fishing spot and catch them. (You will get attacked by different level Sea Trolls while you fish for the Monkfish).

Step 7
Once you have them, go cook them on the range to the southwest. Next give them to Arnold and he will tell you to go back to

Herman. Remember, Arnold will only take Fresh monkfish, and they must be cooked!

Step 8
Herman will instruct you to go to the Wizards' Guild in Yanille to fetch an army. In the Wizards' Guild, speak to Wizard Frumscone in the basement. He won't give you an army but will tell you to go to Malignius Mortifer instead, who will need 7 normal bones.

Malignius Mortifer is located just south of the Air Temple near Falador.

Step 9
After you've spoken to Malignius, put on your Brown apron and go to the Crafting guild to ask for advice on how to carry the Bone Seeds, which Malignius Mortifier will make from the bones. Talk to the youngest Master Crafter. He tells you to use a pot and a pot lid.

Note: If you forgot to bring your Brown apron, Malignius Mortifer will give you one.

Go back and speak to Malignius Mortifier. He will put the Bone Seeds into the Pot and seal it. He will then teleport you back to the island.

Final Battle
Before you proceed, it is advised to visit a bank and prepare yourself for the final battle. Take out armor, a weapon, food and Prayer potions. Return to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and enter Herman Caranos' house. Hand him the Bone seeds and a cut scene will occur, in which your army will first kill some Sea trolls. After your army has defeated the Sea trolls, the Wise Old Man kill a Sea troll general.

Note: If you die during the fight, you will lose all of your items with no way of getting them back!!

Now it's your turn. You will need to kill the Sea Troll Queen. She will attack with Magic and Melee, so the Protect from Magic Prayer is advised. Also be warned that she will drain your Prayer Points at the beginning of the fight, so bring prayer potions, or just watch your hitpoints and eat some good food. She hits pretty hard! Once the battle is over, go back and talk to Herman. (You will end up begging the Wise Old Man for his Party Hat a number of times).

Congratulations – quest complete!

The rewards for this quest are: 2 quest points, a whopping 15,000 magic experience, 10,000 Prayer Experience, 10,000 Fishing Experience, as well as 25,000 coins. You also gain access to the Picatoris Fishing Colony, and Access to bone seeds, and a brown aprol form Malignius Mortifier whenever you ask. This quest also allows you to complete the Making Friends with My Arm quest, and helps you complete the Western Provinces Hard Diary.

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