Learn RS Ninja Strike 7: Tier 92 Armour Changes and More
July 07 2020

Tier 92 Armour is the best armour in RuneScape, but most players have had to settle for lesser alternatives because it’s too expensive to fix.

We think you deserve the best, so Tier 92 Elite Armours can now be repaired more effectively. From now on you’ll be able to create a ‘repair patch’ that will repair Tier 92 Sirenic and Tectonic armours at a reasonable cost.

The Ninja Team has updated RS Tier 92 Elite Armours in many aspects, such as adding praesulic essence to create elite armours. And more changes can be learned below.

Praesulic essence required to create RS Tier 92 Elite Armours

Praesulic essence is a collection of items, including praesulic essence (melee), praesulic essence(ranged) and praesulic essence (magic). All of them can be obtained through breaking down Pernix, Virtus and Torva gear at the Dragonkin Forge for Ranged, Magic and Melee essence respectively.
Now praesulic essence is required to create Tier 92 Elite Armours. For example, 10 praesulic essence (ranged) is required for a full set of Elite Sirenic, and 10 praesulic essence (magic) is required for a full set of Elite Tectonic.

Other changes to RS Tier 92 Elite Armours

The Ninja Team also has made other updates to Tier 92 Elite Armours, such as:
1. Upgrade augmented T90 Sirenic and Tectonic armour to T92 when at 95% degradation or above.
2. Add a tooltip to the Elite Armours explaining their set effect, which negates degradation in Elite Dungeons.
3. Show the degradation state at two decimal places for accuracy while repairing armours.
4. Correct amount of primary ingredient can be dropped from Degrade-to-dust armours (T90 & T92), relative to charge remaining, when you are killed in the Wilderness.
5. The Make-x screen now defaults to a quantity of one to avoid accidentally making too many copies of one equipment piece when making T90 and T92 Ranged or Magic armour.

Tradeable Super Prayer Potions

Repair patches aren’t the only way the Ninja Team are saving you money this week – they’ve also made it possible to buy and sell Super Prayer potions on the Grand Exchange. No more wasting time and resources to mix them up yourself!

All 1-4 dose vials and 6-dose flasks can now be traded freely on the Grand Exchange. And because they’re tradeable, you can also ask other players to make them for you – or offer your own potion-mixing services.

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The RS4UK Team