Old School RuneScape Below Ice Mountain Quest with Ice Mountain Dungeon
April 26 2021

OSRS just received a new free-to-play quest and dungeon. Below Ice Mountain is a free-to-play quest that revolves around aiding an 'archaeologist' who seeks to open an ancient set of doors leading into the western side of Ice Mountain. The player needs to assemble her old team, which is capable of opening the doors and gaining entry to what lies beyond...

Below Ice Mountain

Below Ice Mountain is a new quest in Old School RuneScape, available to both members and the free-to-play community. The quest follows Willow – an archaeologist on the lookout for her next discovery – and will unlock access to a dungeon below Ice Mountain.

Willow, an energetic archaeologist (perhaps suspiciously so) is hunting for her next big discovery. She believes she has found the entrance to ancient underground ruins found to the west of Ice Mountain. There's a catch though - the entrance is sealed tight and she needs to re-unite her old crew to help her break in. Naturally, she has to stay close to the ruins in order to lay claim to the find, so it falls to you to bring her rag-tag group back together for one last caper and a final big pay-off.
Burntof is an old dwarf with a penchant for demolition, Checkal is a well-built lifter of heavy things and Marley is a cunning thief with a knack for disarming traps.

Together, they have the talents it will take to gain entry to the secret ruins. But persuading them might not be easy. See, the gang aren't all too keen on working with Willow again, and her intentions might not be as honourable as she claims...

There's good reason to tackle the new quest, as the Ice Mountain Dungeon is home to a variety of useful resources and activities. Specifically, you'll have access to a "great forge powered using Barronite, a unique material that can only be found there." Barronite can be gathered throughout the dungeon while skilling, giving you a chance to earn XP as you unlock the secrets of the icy new location. Jagex said the activities inside Ice Mountain Dungeon are aimed at lower-level free-to-play characters and should fill the "notable gaps" in free-to-play skilling.

From mining and smithing to fishing and fighting, there's a lot of new content to unravel in the latest free-to-play region. Beyond the Barronite forge, you'll also have access to the Vault – a maze-like room that houses numerous chests. Find a way to enter the Vault and you'll have one minute to loot as many chests as possible before reaching the exit. If you don't manage to reach the exit in time, all your loot will be lost – which should make for some fun "risk-vs-reward" run-throughs.

Walkthrough Guide:

Willow the "archaeologist"

Speak to Willow south of the Dwarven Mine entrance by Ice Mountain. A self-proclaimed archaeologist, she will tell the player that she has found a set of doors beneath a tonne of rocks, and asks you for help, as she cannot leave the area in fear of another archaeologist claiming the credit for her discovery.

Agree to help Willow, and she'll need you to convince her old "excavation team" to help her, since they had a falling out with Willow. Her mates, Burntof, Checkal, and Marley, can be spoken to in any order.

Checkal the strongman

Checkal, the strongman, can be found in the centre of Barbarian Village. In order to get him to join Willow, the player must prove their strength by training with his old friend Atlas, who can be found in The Long Hall tavern in Barbarian Village.

Speak to Atlas, who will agree to train you. A cutscene of training regimens will ensue, and the player will unlock the Flex emote after the cutscene. Before returning to Checkal, grab a beer and meat from the table if you have not obtained it already.

Return to Checkal and use the Flex emote when prompted, and he will agree to help Willow.

Burntof, master of explosives
Items needed: 3 coins or a beer

Burntof, a master with explosives, can be found in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador. Drunk as he is, he will ask the player for a drink. If the player has not already picked up the beer from Barbarian Village, purchase one from the bartender and give it to Burntof.

Burntof will agree to join the team if the player manages to beat him in a best-of-three game of rock, paper, scissors. Regardless of which signs the player uses, Burntof will agree to help Willow as he is too drunk to properly play the game.

Marley the thief
Items needed: knife, cooked meat and bread

Though Willow instructs the player to speak to Charlie the Tramp to find Marley's whereabouts, the player can skip this conversation and directly reach Marley in the Edgeville ruins, by the yew trees south of Edgeville bank.

He will want a steak sandwich from the Blue Moon Inn in order to help Willow. However, he was banned from the inn and the cook won't make him another one. Thus, the player must go to the inn in his place.

Speak to the cook in the east room of Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Though he will still refuse to make a steak sandwich due to him trying to steal from one of their patrons, he will tell the player the "delicate art" of creating a steak sandwich; using a knife on cooked meat while having bread in your inventory.

With the steak sandwich created, return to Marley with it in your inventory. He will now agree to help Willow.

The Ruins of Camdozaal

Items needed: Any pickaxe or a weapon and armour to kill a level 25 monster, some food for low combat players

With the crew assembled, head to the ancient doors at the west side of Ice Mountain (marked by the dungeon icon on the minimap), and talk to Willow. The crew will begin unblocking the entrance, with Burntof blowing up the rocks, Checkal moving the debris, and Marley disabling the traps within.

Though you become fascinated at the potential historical value of the ruins, Willow reveals to you that they are not actually archaeologists, but grave robbers hoping to find valuable loot. Now that you know, she can't risk you revealing them to the authorities and prepares to kill you. However, Burntof accidentally sets off a trap, awakening the Ancient Guardian. Having bit off more than they can chew, the four team members flee.

After the cutscene ends, kill the level 25 Ancient Guardian. Players can choose to kill it through standard combat, but lower levelled players are recommended to mine the four pillars in the corners of the room; this will cause some rocks to fall down, damage the golem and ultimately kill it. Alternatively, the guardian can be safespotted by hugging the east wall by the ruins exit.

After defeating the golem, the player will loot some items from Willow's bag, which she left behind in a panic. However, the doors leading deeper into the mountain open, revealing a dwarf named Ramarno. Being one of the few Imcando dwarves to have survived the Runecrafting Crusades, Ramarno has since lived inside these ruins: the Ruins of Camdozaal.

Congratulations, quest complete!

What rewards you can get from Below Ice Mountain Quest?

You will get 1 Quest points Quest point, 2,000 coins, Access to the Ruins of Camdozaal, Flex emote and The ability to make a steak sandwich when you complete the Below Ice Mountain Quest.

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