RuneScape is coming to iOS and Android devices this summer in 2021
May 08 2021

RuneScape is making its way to mobile devices this summer. Although the classic MMORPG has been in early access on iOS and Android for a while, it'll open up to everyone within the next few months. RuneScape will remain free-to-play, with extra skills, quests and other perks for paying subscribers. Register today on your iOS or Android device to unlock special rewards including an 50% XP boost.

Players can pre-order it on mobile stores today – and gain exclusive rewards by doing so. Delivering full cross-platform gameplay and progression between the mobile and desktop editions at launch, RuneScape on mobile will also come complete with all the quests, characters, lore and locations from the living game’s 20-year history.

With pre-orders now live on the App Store and pre-registration available on the Google Play Store, players who sign up to either will contribute to unlocking a series of exclusive in-game rewards for the player community as the number of pre-orders grow. There are five exclusive cosmetic rewards to unlock, including hairstyle, teleport device, sword, pet, and armour. The top tier prize includes the Crux Eqal armour and delivers a 50% XP boost across a seven-day period.

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Publisher Jagex says the game had more than 2.1 million installs on mobile during early access. It also hit a record-high number of subscribers last year, with more than 1.2 million. So, while RuneScape is over two decades old, the franchise still has a thriving user base that's seemingly ready to play while on the go.

If you're an existing RuneScape player, you'll be pleased to know there's cross-play and cross-progression support with the PC version. You'll have access to all of your quests, characters, equipment and so on. It has also been optimised with a mobile-friendly user interface and given a visual and operational overhaul. The display and controls have been modified and the tutorial has been reworked to welcome new players to RuneScape and set them up for future adventures. Menus, icons, text and textures have all been redesigned and combat mechanics have been tailored for mobile players.

It won't be the first time the RuneScape franchise has landed on iOS and Android. In 2018, Jagex released Old School Runescape, which is based on a 2007 build, on mobile. It also supports cross-play with the PC version.

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