Spectacular Summer Skill-Off In This Week!
August 02 2019

What’s up, thrillseekers? This week RS team has got a veritable Morrisane’s cave full of exciting updates, from a sneak preview of tomorrow’s Weapon Diversity and Bank betas to the long-awaited return of the Mahjarrat Aura. Plus, there’s something sinister – uh, something spectacular - going on at the Lumbridge Crater!

Spectacular Summer Skill Off
It’s summer, it’s spectacular, so let’s have a skill off!… a what now?!
The Spectacular Summer Skill off is RuneScape’s hottest new game show, where you – yes YOU – will decide which skill is the audience’s favourite!

Six different skills have been nominated:

While you're busy with your usual tasks around the world and participating in the skilling games in the Lumbridge Crater, you'll be gathering skill tokens which can be used at a Skilling Booth at the Skill-Off-Event.

You'll get some additional XP when you hand in your tokens - remember, your tokens are your vote, so be sure to hand in your tokens at the Skilling Booth for your favourite skill! The least popular skill trained during the day is ELIMINATED, but the remaining skills will get their base XP rates increased by 10% for every day they stay in the competition.

Morn, your “charming” and “perfectly normal” host, is a "nice" guy, so he’ll still allow you to train at the eliminated booths, with a couple of caveats. You won't be able to hand in skill tokens at an eliminated Skilling Booth, but while training there you'll still get the increased XP rates from before it was eliminated. To really take advantage of the event, we recommend handing in your tokens as soon as possible - if you don't, your chosen skill might be bumped out of the competition!

There's a 10% XP buff in the crater area, so don't forget to bring your portables!

Which skill will be crowned the SKILL OFF CHAMPION? And more importantly… what’s in it for you?

It's time to get more. Alongside an assortment of mystery boxes, you can unlock the following prizes:

Behind door number one, it’s the SNACK YAK! Yep – it’s a yak covered in food.

Behind door number two – the Blightreaver 2H Sword Override! There’s something sinister about this sword. Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye?

Weapon Diversity and Bank Improvements Beta
You’re already familiar with the Weapon Diversity beta, but proper combat enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that we’re adding more weapon types to the mix. Here's a sneak preview of some of the new effects that will feature in the beta tomorrow:

Hasta – allows two-handed weapon abilities while equipped.
Javelin – hits all targets between the player and the target.
Staff – means your ultimate abilities can no longer miss, and you gain +5% accuracy for 20 seconds after you use an ultimate.
The Bank Placeholders and Improvements beta is a very different beast: far from the excitement of the battlefield, we’ll be asking you about your thoughts on bank tabs, placeholders, and a host of other miscellaneous improvements.

Mahjarrat Aura obtainable
As of today, the Mahjarrat aura will be obtainable by all players – including Ironmen!

As stated in the previous announcement blog, players will be able to purchase the Mahjarrat aura for 1,000 Reaper points from Death’s Store. No Reaper points? No worries! The Mahjarrat aura is also on sale for 3 RuneScape Bonds via the bonds interface.

It should also go without saying that if you signed up for Premier Club in 2016, the Mahjarrat aura is already unlocked on your account and available to use.

Umbral Chest Package
From 12:00 UTC on July 25th to 12:00 UTC on August 22nd, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest. Each chest contains a guaranteed purple prize.

Furthermore, we've made some changes to the purple prizes available: the lucky Barrows equipment pieces have been removed, and the sunglasses and gold cane cosmetic items have been added. We've also added some extra coin prizes!

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