The 3rd of RS Yak Track is Coming Soon
June 17 2020

The gates to the Yak Track will soon be opening for the third time. Get ready for the Zarosian-themed Yak to the Shadows!

The finer details shall remain shrouded in mystery for now, but those of you who are still knee-deep in Archaeology should fear not - there will be plenty of Archaeology tasks on the track to keep your mattocks busy.

Yak to the Shadows will kick off on Monday June 22nd and run through until Sunday August 2nd.

That's all they're saying for now. In view of the fact that after the first two releases of Yak Track, many players have received bad feedback, I believe there will be big changes this time. Keep an eye on our site and RuneScape's socials for more details!

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The Rs4uk Team